hypnotisedicons: desculpa por ontemmm, tive q sair!! adorei scrr, ql eh teu twitter? te sigo e passo por dm a senha e o email

ah obrigadaa, @suxxtvd eu acabei de fazer haha.. ok, vou seguir vc devolta, blzzzz

my love for the vampire diaries is bigger than his penis

u think being a fangirl is easy

u think its fun to see a photo of them and fall down and cry and throw yourself out the window

u think i wanted this

u think i asked for this

u dont know me

u dont know anything


lovotoz-deactivated20130716: hey would tell me how you do this awesome effect ? 24(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/7ce7a0838c625ef3c98fb4a82c0b44ca/tumblr_mhplh37QPz1s4s9aqo1_500(.)png :) thanks you <3

thanks baby, so.. i use smart sharpen and guassian blur and used a psd. if you want i’ll step this course ok?? and teaching you how to use smart sharpen, smart sharpen and gaussian blur makes the photo with a very good quality and looks great when you bring the psd, then anything can come talk to me, xoxo.



@diannaleedlg: Ok Lets play a guessing game! Guess who??? @ddlovato @madisonleedlg @dallaslovatome


- I cannot stand you.
- I need advice.
- Put a photo?
♣ - I hate your tumblr.
● - I admire you very much.
♥ - Will you marry me?
- I love you.
☺ - I’m too ashamed to talk to you.
 - Wish you were mine.
 - You are ridiculous.
 - Your tumblr is one of my favorites!
₪  - Leave tumblr. You are weak.
- Age?
- Sexual Orientation?
❈ - Last song you listened?
▲ - Favorite Number?
- Your perfect girl/boy?

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